Lydia Chodosh [she / her] is a graphic designer [art director + writer] who likes typesetting in space. She holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design [2024]. 

Selected Design Work

To read is to
Artifactual Accumulations
Interior Atlas
Artifacts of Countability
Spore Site
RISD GD MFA Biennial
Clock Studies
Translations of Gratitude

Art Direction

Harper’s Magazine
Volume 1
A Guide to the Politiverse

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Publication Design, 2022Rhode Island School of Design


Inspired by the Labors of Hercules, my classmates and I began the journey into this publication by gathering and generating collections based on a set of assigned tasks. Together, they informed a series of inquiries into the canonical tool we typically call an Atlas. Both individually and collectively, we meditated on two questions: “Who and where am I?” and “ Who and where are we?”  The spreads I composed are an attempt to catalog moments of deep introspection alongside the stories and the traditions of women who have raised me.