Lydia Chodosh [she / her] is a graphic designer [art director + writer] who likes typesetting in space. She holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design [2024]. 

Selected Design Work

To read is to
Artifactual Accumulations
Interior Atlas
Artifacts of Countability
Spore Site
RISD GD MFA Biennial
Clock Studies
Translations of Gratitude

Art Direction

Harper’s Magazine
Volume 1
A Guide to the Politiverse

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Print & Artifact Design, 2023Rhode Island School of Design

Clock Studies

This collection of clock prints was created in conjunction with the collaborative launch of Off-Hours Studio, a research-based design studio interested in the spaces in, around, and between our sites of labor and leisure. The prints were transformed into functioning clocks, intended for sale, for the first of the studio’s pop-ups.