Lydia Chodosh [she / her] is a graphic designer [art director + writer] who likes typesetting in space. She holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design [2024]. 

Selected Design Work

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Artifactual Accumulations
Interior Atlas
Artifacts of Countability
Spore Site
RISD GD MFA Biennial
Clock Studies
Translations of Gratitude

Art Direction

Harper’s Magazine
Volume 1
A Guide to the Politiverse

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Translations of Gratitude

This project began in the Fall of 2022 with a prompt I sent to a wide network of friends, colleagues, former teammates and old acquaintances. That prompt generated over 80 recorded voice notes, which eventually grew to reside on In an effort to continue this open exchange and to share my gratitude, I composed a packet for each individual contributor to receive by mail. Alongside individually addressed letters, I enclosed a collection of terms, a referenced text from my bookshelf related to something the contributor shared, and a prompt that might evolve the conversation further. That evolution is still in process.